A message from the Artistic Director

admin-lyne-150x150I am so excited about 2016. TWO new works are being presented this coming year.  Me and You marks Talisman Theatre’s sixth commissioned translation of contemporary French plays into English and the first collaboration with translator Alison Bowie. The fall production will be Yukonstyle by Sarah Berthiaume, same author as The Flood Thereafter (2012). TWO new directors will lead these productions Arianna Bardesono and Geneviève L. Blais.

poster-yukonstyle3SYNOPSIS : Yukonstyle – Raw, brave, avid and dazzling characters; four solitudes that come together, console and love each other despite themselves, the confluence of life and death in the middle of a winter that never ends.

Talisman is excited to bring the framework of Sarah’s francophone lyricism, her magic-realist, tragi-comic perspective to the English stage.


TEXT : Sarah Berthiaume
TRANSLATOR : Nadine Desrochers
DIRECTOR : Geneviève L. Blais

CAST : Garin : Justin Manyfingers; Yuko : Jasmine Chen; Kate : Julia Borsellino; Pops : Chip Chuipka.

DESIGN TEAM : Lyne Paquette, Set; Fruzsina Lanyi, Costumes; David Perreault Ninacs, Lighting; Navet Confits, Sound; Claude Lemelin, Stage Manager.

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Talisman has a vibrant, living mission: to produce English-language premières of Québécois plays for Montreal's public and students.

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  • The Medea Effect WINS the 2012 META award for 'Best Actress' and 'Best Translation'!
  • The Aeneid WINS the 2013-2014 META for 'Best Indie Production'!
  • Province will be our next production (October 7-17): written by Mathieu Gosselin; translated by Nadine Desrochers; directed by Stacey Christodoulou. A co-production by Talisman Theatre and The Other Theatre.
  • Province in Baton Rouge: Talisman and The Other Theatre are invited to stage a public reading of Mathieu Gosselin's Province at the University of Louisiana in February.

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