Me and You
Text : Talia Hallmona and Pascal Brullemans
Translation: Alison Bowie
Direction:: Arianna Bardesono
Actors: 2

Me and You website

The main themes of Me and You are integration, intercultural friendship, multiple identities, the need to be Quebecois, love, uprooting, arrival in a new country, Quebec ...

Me and You is written by Pascal Brullemans and Talia Hallmona were awarded the Louise-LaHaye prize for Moi et l’Autre. This award recognizes the excellence of a play for young audience.
"The minimalist staging by Arianna Bardesono takes us to the heart of a story of initiation or even a autofiction deeply sensitive and the reality of a growing number of "new" Quebec."--Bible Urbaine (pdf)

" The actors were very good and Miriam Katrib managed to convey the confusion and pathos of the immigrant first generation with tremendous energy. Kathleen Stavert gave and outstanding performance as the Quebecois girl who befriends Talia, and tries to teach her in one of the most comic scenes how to attract French boys."--Mtl Rampage (pdf)

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