May 18 to 21, 2016  8:00pm


MAI (Montréal, arts interculturels): 3680 Jeanne-Mance Montreal (QC) H2X 2K5 [map]

Box Office: (514) 982-3386
Tuesday to Saturday from 3 pm to 6 pm
and 1 hour before each show


Text : Talia Hallmona and Pascal Brullemans
Translation : Alison Bowie
Direction : Arianna Bardesono
Dramaturg : Ülfet Sevdi
Translation Dramaturg : Louis Patrick Leroux




  • Talia: Mirian Katrib;
  • Julie: Kathleen Stavert.




  • Set Design : Lyne Paquette;
  • Costume Design : Fruzsina Lanyi;
  • Lighting Design : David Alexandre Chabot;
  • Sound Design : Jesse Ash;
  • Composer : Jesse Ash;
  • Stage Manager: Emlyn Vanbruinswaardt.


Thank you for the generous support of Canadian Actors' Equity Association and Playwrights' Workshop Montreal. Talisman Theatre engages, under the terms of the Indie Policy, professional artists who are members of the Canadian Actor's Equity Association.




"A young actress recalls her childhood memories and her arrival in Quebec. As the story unfolds, she recounts her meeting with Julie Sirois, her best friend—a quebecois who dies in an accident. Denying this reality, Talia will interrupt the story and change the course of her destiny by giving her role to Julie. But she soon discovers that sharing her life with others has risks, especially when it comes to uniting two cultures that everything dissociates. Autofiction where reality and freedom are scrambled, Me and You portrays a friendship that defies conventions and looks at the identity of the immigrant, posing the question : Do we acknowledge the Other for what he gives us, or for what takes from us?"


Hallmona asks: “Who am I in the eyes of others ?”


Me and You The story deals with the integration of immigrants in Quebec. The last day in the homeland. The arrival in Quebec. The dream. Friendship. Wanting to become what we are not...


Me and You is written by Pascal Brullemans and Talia Hallmona were awarded the Louise-LaHaye prize for Moi et l’Autre This award recognizes the excellence of a play for young audience.


Talia Hallmona, playwright

Since graduating from the National Theatre School of Canada in 2008, Talia worked with Espace K, a company in Baie Comeau. This enabled her to discover a region of Quebec: St. Lawrence sea, glacial grooves, spruce, Manic dam, the Baiecomoers... She was also a member of the Quebec and France tours for S’embrasent  from 2009 to 2014, a play for teens, presented by the Bluff Théâtre. For the last 9 years, Talia had the opportunity to do cultural mediation with teens for the festival Rencontre Théâtre Ados, for Bluff Theatre and for her own creative projects. Recently, she has created: Moi et l’autre, her first play co-written with Pascal Brullemans dealing with the integration of immigrants in Quebec. Finally, since 2013, she founded her own youth theater company, Fêlé Theatre.


Pascal Brullemans, playwright

For twenty years, Pascal Brullemans built his dramaturgy from questions that arise from the encounter between writing and stage. His many projects led him to different countries to work with many directors. He has written over twenty plays, most of which were presented on the Montreal stages, such as Camélias, Hippocampe, Endormi(e) and Beauté, chaleur et mort. The author has also allowed himself an incursion into theater for young people, writings including L’armoire, Isberg and Vipérine which was presented at the Maison Théâtre last spring. The creation of Moi et l’Autre was presented at the Théâtre aux Écuries during the 2014 season.


Translator, Alison Bowie

Alison Bowie is a first year PhD in Humanities candidate at Concordia University focussing on Québec theatre and translation. She achieved her Masters of Fine Arts degree in Dramaturgy from the University of Massachusetts Amherst (USA) and her Bachelor of Arts degree in History from Queen’s University. She is currently Associate Dramaturg for SpiderWebShow and has been teaching in the Concordia University Department of Theatre. She has also worked in theatre in both artistic and administrative roles for nearly ten years. Alison is very grateful to Talisman Theatre and Dr. Louis Patrick Leroux for the opportunity to work with an incredible team on this project.


Arianna Bardesono, Director

A native of Italy, Arianna is a graduate of the Directing Program at the National Theatre School of Canada. She has directed for various theatre companies in Montreal (Repercussion, Teesri Duniya, Infinitheatre and Théâtre du Quat’Sous) and for Cuatro Milpas Teatro in Mexico. Arianna has been a resident artist at the Stella Adler School of Acting in NYC, as well as at La Tohu in Montreal. As a puppeteer with Mermaid Theatre of Nova Scotia she has toured extensively throughout North America and in Singapore. Arianna has been the co-founder and co-artistic director of the independent theatre company Odelah Creations, whose mandate has been to create original daring work, committed to innovation both in form and content. Odelah’s creations have been presented both in Montreal and Toronto. Since 2011 Arianna has been a mentor and teacher both at the National Theatre School of Canada and Dawson College. She is currently the Associate Artist at Imago Theatre while pursuing her Master’s studies in écriture scenique at UQÀM. Arianna has been awarded the John Hirsch Prize in 2013, which selects and celebrates emerging theatre directors with great potential.


Dramaturg, Ülfet Sevdi

Ülfet Sevdi is a playwright, theatre director and dramaturg living between Istanbul and Montreal. Her work is dealing with oral history, social narrative and is theoretically grounded in feminist theory and the social sciences. After graduating from Mersin University's Fine Arts Theatre Department she has worked as a dramaturg for different theatre companies. In 2008, she cofounded nü.kolektif, a collective of multidisciplinary artists involved in performances dealing with political topics. nü.kolektif has presented five of her plays under her direction (Kiz Çikmazi, Sürüne Sürüne Erkek Olmak, Sorgu, and Bildigin Gibi Degil, Kutsal Aile Masali). She often acts as a facilitator in Theater of the Oppressed-oriented workshops (Social heterophony, compulsive story-telling and the manipulation of memory; From Turkey to … : Faces of Discrimination, among others), building on research on the complex relationship between memory, storytelling, manipulation and power; she also often takes the role of the joker in forum
theatre performances.


Translation Dramaturg, Louis Patrick Leroux

Louis Patrick Leroux is a playwright, director, and scholar. He is an associate professor in both the English and French departments at Concordia University. His academic research focuses on cultural discourse, research-creation, Québec theatre and contemporary circus. He is affiliated with matralab and founded Ottawa’s Théâtre la Catapulte. Plays include Dialogues fantasques pour causeurs éperdus, Se taire, Ludwig & Mae trilogy, Le Beau Prince d’Orange. His next project is Hamlet on the Wire, a performance for tight-wire and sound installation. He works in both French and English, has translated Anne-Marie White’s Écume into English, has practiced self-translation. He was translation dramaturg on Me and You.


Our players


Kathleen Stavert : Julie

Kathleen returned to Montreal in 2015 after living in London, UK for six years where she completed her MA in Classical Acting at the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama. Following her degree, she studied at the Moscow Arts Theatre in Russia. Since being back in Montreal you may have seen her face on your televisions in commercials or heard her voice on the radio. Perhaps you had a chance to catch a teaser of her one woman show The Psychology of Plants at The Shortstanding Festival this past winter.  She will appear (for a very short moment) in Denis Villeneuve's summer blockbuster The Story of Your Life.  In the UK she was the voice for the videogame Project Cars  (Slightly Mad Productions).  She played Imogen in UK based theatre company Les Foules' production of  Cymbeline at The Space and Geena D in Boxed and Bagged at the Bush Theatre, London.  Kathleen won the 2013 UK Monologue Slam’s LA Edition with the self-penned piece The Fernsdale Wyoming Spelling Bee Competition. She also toured throughout Austria with Vienna’s English Theatre with a French production of Moliere’s L’Ecole Des Femmes. She completed her BFA with specialization in Theatre Performance at Concordia University in Montreal, and toured Quebec and Eastern Canada with Geordie Productions.


Mirian Katrib : Talia

Mirian is a Syrian/Jordanian-Canadian actor, singer-songwriter and guitarist based in Toronto. She credits her culture, her exposure to world music and her involvement with musical theatre, for her love to perform and the development of her own individual style. She is a 2010 graduate of Humber College's Theatre Performance program. She loves to tip her hat to music and performance as a community-building tool. Not only is creation a collaborative effort but it is also a means of joining people, experiences and journeys. Everyone has stories to share, Mirian notes, and artistic expression makes communication that much more pleasurable. Previous theatre performance credits include The Prisoner of Tehran (Theatre Passe Muraille), Off The Wall, (Frog in Hand, Mississauga Center for the Performing Arts), Neighbors (Toronto Fringe Festival). Musically, Mirian has performed in venues including The Art Gallery of Ontario, The Royal Ontario Museum, Liberty Grand and The Stocky Center for the Performing Arts to name a few. She has also toured with Fresh Dance across Canada providing musical accompaniment for their productions. This is Mirian's first production with Theatre Talisman and she couldn't be more thrilled to take on the role of Talia. Mirian is grateful for the direction her life has taken down the road of performing and to all the people who have guided her along the way.

Our designers


Lyne Paquette

Lyne is a founder and Artistic/Executive Director of Talisman Theatre. A graduate of the National Theatre School, theatre design is Lyne's second career. She continues to develop her theatre training with puppetry workshops and recently completed a three-month internship at Michael Curry Design. Since 2003 Lyne has designed for many theatre, dance, and operetta productions in Montreal. Prior to that Lyne was an Assistant Designer at the Stratford Shakespeare Festival. She has designed set and costumes for Talisman productions since 2005.

Visit Lyne's website:


Fruzsina Lanyi

Fruzsina graduated from The National Theatre School of Canada in 2003, and has since created numerous costume, set, props and make-up designs. She also works in films in her country of origine Hungary. For Fruzsina, theatre in a multifacetted world of inspiration, exchange and growth.


David Alexandre Chabot

A lighting designer by trade, David-Alexandre Chabot holds a great deal of interest in exploring concepts of dramaturgy and conventions of the theatrical arts. His work has been shown across Canada, namely in Montréal, Québec, Ottawa, Vancouver and Toronto as well as internationally in Paris, Marseille, Reims and Queretaro, to name but a few. He is a frequent collaborator of Nini Belanger’s and Projet Mu, for which he penned the lighting design for Endormi(e)s, Vipérine et Beauté, Chaleur et Mort, the latter of which earned him a Cochon d’or award for Best Lighting Design.


Jesse Ash

Sound designer, engineer and musician based in Montreal, Jesse has designed and composed music for theatre, film, attractions and installations across Canada and abroad. Recent work includes ‘urban spiritual retreat’ RumiNation™ with Theatrefront, US/Canadian tour ofSherlock Holmes, Imago Theatre's Pig Girl, Talisman/Other Theatre co-production of Province, and En Attendant Godot at the TNM. Recently he’s been collaborating with to create content promoting real solutions for a sustainable future. Jesse is an instructor and Coach at the National Theatre School and enjoys making noise with rock group Reversing Falls.


Emlyn Vanbruinswaardt

Emlyn discovered her love for technical theatre and working backstage while working for Repercussion Theatre’s Shakespeare in the Park. She has worked as a stage manager and technician in Montreal, and has been a venue tech for the Montreal FRINGE Festival. She is a recent graduate of the Production Program at the National Theatre School of Canada. She is passionate about using the arts to incite positive change in our society.


Production photos

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Rehearsal photos

first meeting and reading of the play


first meeting and reading of the play


first meeting and reading of the play

Talisman - Me and YouRehearasal Me & YouRehearasal Me & YouRehearasal Me & YouRehearasal Me & YouRehearasal Me & YouRehearasal Me & YouRépétition Me and YouRépétition Me and You

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